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Religion In Schools Essay Topics

Essay on Religion in Public Schools

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The subject of religion in public schools is one that has been debated vigorously and passionately. The warriors from the Right and Left fail to appreciate the facts because they are caught up in the rhetoric and have difficulty viewing this emotional topic dispassionately (Haynes, 2011). Both sides are right about one thing: this is an important subject.
The debate on religion in the public school is complicated by the fact that there are two clauses dealing with religion in the First Amendment (Warnick, 2012). The Establishment Clause, which disallows the establishment by the government of any particular religion, and the Free Exercise Clause, which prohibits the state from proscribing the practice of religion, are a source of…show more content…

These uncertain areas include (a) whether schools endorsing religious views if they allow student-initiated activities to involve school resources and audiences, (b) the lengths to which schools can and should go to in accommodating religious beliefs and practices, and (c) how schools can make certain that accommodations do not become endorsements nor imply such (Warnick, 2012).
In addition to the areas of ambiguity, there is the problem of religious ignorance (Giess, 2012; Haynes, 2011). There is a marked and dramatic ignorance among Americans about religious traditions including their own (Giess, 2012). Ignorance is no virtue and especially so when the opportunity to harm one’s students through intolerance and ignorance is more prevalent than ever before. The US, the predominance of the Christian religion notwithstanding, is becoming more and more diverse religiously (Gunther & Purinton, 2011). This type of ignorance is a contributor to the escalation of religious intolerance that has manifested itself in increasing numbers of hate crimes (Haynes, 2011).
Educators need to understand the impact of religion on the lives of their students. According to Gallup poll data, nearly 95% of teens believe in God and 86% believe that Jesus Christ is either God or the Son of God (Gallup & Lindsay, 1999 as cited in Ream, 2003). These and other similar statistics demonstrate the importance of considering religion when dealing with young people. Ream

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Top 40 Interesting Religion Essay Topics From An Expert

Colleges and online universities have restructured new guidelines to select students for higher studies. Essay writing is one of the eligibility criteria for students. They have to write informative and qualitative academic scholarship essays to have satisfactory feedbacks from superior teachers. Religion is always highly sensitive as human society has recorded numerous incidents of violence, subversion, ethnic profiling, genocide, and color distinction. Your essay topics on religion should be interesting. Check current issues and controversial facts to assess roles of different religion schools. Interesting topics on religion will certainly entice senior teachers to go through argumentative or expository write-ups on religion.

40 Different Essay Topics on Religion

  • Relationship between religion and politics
  • Religious dogmas
  • Influence of religion on humans
  • What is religion?
  • Religion and technology
  • Religion and science
  • Roots of originality of Christian religion
  • Transition in Christian religion
  • Controversial issues on religion
  • Modern concepts on religion
  • What is agnosticism?
  • What is objective of theism?
  • Relationship between literature and religion
  • Renaissance period in Christian religion
  • Basics about religion
  • Facts about atheism schools
  • History of religion
  • Gender bias and religion
  • Technology vs. religion
  • Religion and modern culture
  • Religious revolution in Uzbekistan
  • Regression therapy and wellness programs
  • New religious movements
  • Hot issues about paganism
  • Theism vs. atheism
  • Interesting quotes on agnosticism
  • Religion and holisticism
  • Racial profiling
  • Introduction of religion to college syllabi
  • Argumentative debate on religion
  • Alternative ways to control racial profiling
  • Definitions of religion
  • Salient features of religion
  • World peace and religion
  • Mythology Vs modern religion
  • Scientific theories about religion
  • Is atheism pure religion?
  • God and religion
  • Big bang theory on religion
  • Marxist theory about religion

The clash between different religions has made a deep hollow in the society. Many caustic incidents and political impasse have forced even government to reframe conventional rules/laws to bring peace in the society. Young generation must not be misguided by mixing the religion with politics. They have to have good religious tolerance to honor other people coming from various religious backgrounds. While writing dissertations on religion, students have to explain the duty of science conscious guys who are responsible to control young generation. They have to be educated with good conscience about the religion. New Big Bang theory seems to give a big jolt to orthodox religious minded people. On the other hand, impact of advanced technology is visible to modify concepts of teens to accept new ideas about religion. They prioritize humanity replacing superstitious beliefs which are always destructive. Include some good quotations of experts to write the topics on religion. In this regard, students can ask for experts to give new suggestions and tips to refine their traditional beliefs. Experts teach young students how to define the religion for the benefits of the whole mankind.

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