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Homework Help Center Dublin Library

Left to right: Wesley, Ashwin, Karen and Muzit.

The Library’s Homework Help service is once again open!  Each day, Monday through Thursday, we have a stellar team of teen volunteers here from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. who help children in grades 3 to 8 finish their school assignments.  We have had an average of 12 students each afternoon so far this year, spending an average of 1.2 hours in the homework Center.

The person who oversees this program is Anne Reilly who has this to say:

“My name is Anne Reilly and this is my second year at Dublin Library as the Homework Help Program Coordinator. Rather than tell you how talented our volunteers are this year, I will leave you to read for yourselves, about their experiences in their own words.

New to the Homework Center this year is Ashwin who wants the students who come to the center, to feel comfortable about asking for help. He says “I do not simply just hand them the answer, but give them clues so that they can do the problem or find the answer on their own.”

Danny, also a newcomer this year says “I enjoy helping the kids and seeing their faces when they finally get something. Also, it helps me review the things I’ve learned before.”

Left to right: Noirita, Wilbur, Bhumika, Hailey

Bhumika shares “As a returning volunteer, I have learned that many students fail to understand new material in class, and are often too afraid to voice questions in class. When students come in with this problem, I find it works best to use the class text to teach the material.” Bhumika noticed that many of the students coming to Homework Center this year are bringing the new trend with them – Silly Bands!

Left to right: Jonathan, Danny, Sarah, Yvonne

Jonathan another returning volunteer this year, notes from his previous experience what he has learned about helping students in the Homework Center – “I’ve learned that there are different ways to help kids and that one needs to be patient. Sometimes kids are shy and you need to constantly check to make sure they learn how to do their work because they may never ask you.”

Sarah is also with us for her second year in the Homework Center and shares this. “The kids just need my time and patience, but if they have that they can basically solve anything.” About the students in the Homework Center she adds “I enjoy talking to the kids and hearing how their day has been.  They’re all really sweet and fun to work with.”

Karen, who also has previous experience in the Homework Center, says “I know for sure that if I were a grade or middle schooler, I would come here to ask for help. I remember that I would often get frustrated by my homework at that age.” Adding “Going to the Homework Center probably would have lowered my third grade stress!”

We are also lucky to have five high school seniors volunteering with us this year. Here’s Yvonne’s thoughts about the year ahead. “I hope that I can help students with their homework and give them advice on studying and completing their homework.” She adds that one of the things she enjoys most about working with the students is “seeing the looks on their faces when they are able to understand their homework.”

Muzit, also a 12th grade volunteer, shares what she enjoys best – “The thing I most like about working with the students is that I am able to communicate with the students and they are not afraid to ask me for help.” She adds “I am having such a great time here in the Homework Center.”

Wilbur, another senior joining us this year says “I enjoy the interactions with the students and them actually learning the subjects that they didn’t get.”

Left to right: Andrew, Katie, Sandra, Vito

As both a returning volunteer and a high school senior this year, Sandra has this to say about the Homework Center – “I absolutely love to work with students because I enjoy helping others. They teach me how to interact with students when they don’t understand something. I plan to give all of my help to students who need help on their homework. I hope that I can gain better teaching skills because I want to be a teacher.” And she adds that in the Homework Center “every day is fun!”

The Homework Help Program is a drop-in program for students in grades 3-8 to get homework help from high school volunteers. We are in the library on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30-5:30pm. We have four volunteers available each day to help students with their daily assignments. The most requested subject students ask for help with is math, with science and language arts close behind. Over the weeks, volunteers have helped students with many subjects including history, social sciences and Spanish.  Not to mention that between them, from levels that vary from proficient to fluent, our volunteers speak a total of six languages other than English.

If you are, or know of, a student in need of help with homework come into the Homework Center here at the Dublin Library – let our volunteers help YOU!”

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The Northwest Library is a cooperative project of the Worthington Libraries and the Columbus Metropolitan Library and is managed by the Worthington Libraries. The Northwest Library primarily serves the area between the Olentangy and Scioto rivers, extending from the Delaware County line south to Henderson Road.

In 1992, trustees from Columbus Metropolitan Library and Worthington Libraries began meeting regularly to explore ways to provide library service to the fast growing northwest area of Franklin County. On October 13, 1993, the two library boards signed a Joint Development Agreement for the Construction and Operation of a New Library Facility. Groundbreaking for the facility took place on September 13, 1994 and Opening Day was April 16, 1996. It is the first library in Ohio and only the second in the entire nation to be built and operated by two library systems.

Finding us

Northwest Library is situated just north of the I-270 Outerbelt and west of OH-315.

Northwest Library is served by two bus lines. The 33 Henderson line offers a stop near Stanburn and Hard Rd., COTA stop number 7906 northbound, and a stop near Hard Rd. and Heathermoor 7905 eastbound. The 74 Smoky Row line stops at Hard Road and Smoky Row Road, approximately one-half mile away, COTA stop numbers 4400 (northbound) and 5244 (southbound).


Parking for Northwest Library is available in a dedicated parking lot. Bike racks are also available.

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