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Research Paper Examples On Soft Skills





Personal attributes such as:



seeing a glass as half full instead of half empty in order to inspire others to achieve.

Common Sense/ recognizing and implementing reasonable and practicable solutions.

Responsibility/ being aware of when and how to apologies for errors.

A Sense of Humor/ including an element of fun in the workplace whilst defusing tension andsoftening the delver of bad news.



instilling trust in others to create and secure sound collaborative relationships.

Interpersonal abilities such as:

Empathy/ the ability to understand the other person‟s positions in order to receive and arrive atcompromises.

Leadership/ going beyond the managerial role to fulfill the organization‟s mission.

Communication/ to identify what people are stating through verbal/nonverbal messages.

Courtesy / demonstrating good manners and reinforcing them as policy, for the benefit of clientsand colleagues.

Motivation / of self and others, to maximize this engender team spirit, allow creativity, trust andrespect others.

The Importance of Soft Skills

To meet daily challenges and successful project delivery, project managers need to assimilate skills set.These skills can be divided into two categories


hard and soft.Sampson (2007,p.41cited in Gillard 2009), agree that “The skills required for project management arenow often divided50/50 into traditional „hard‟ skills, such as risk management and scheduling, and„soft‟, people oriented skills, such as interpersonal communication.”Zielinski (2005,p.22) in (Gillard 2009), however, posits that “If you had asked project


managementgurus five years ago to name the most important competencies project managers should have, mostwould have said technical skills. Today they'd be more inclined to place communications or negotiationsacumen at the top of their lists … There's no denying the importance of technical expertise tosuccessfully orchestrating a project. Managing an initiative's scope, cost, risk, resources and scheduleare all essential skills. Indeed, the quality of up


front planning


and a project leader's skill at replanningas project conditions change


can determine a project's fate all on its own. But in rethinking skillhierarchies, many companies have come to view these more as baseline competencies. Now they regardsoft skills … such as communication, negotiation, conflict management and persuasion, as higher 


order skills.”

And also see figure (1) A Formula Toward success (Jiang 2009).

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