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Feature Story Assignment

MCOM356 Feature Story #2 Spring 2018

Value: 100 points

Due: Monday, March 12 through Blackboard submission before Tuesday, March 13 class. Submit along with Rubric on Blackboard.

Any assignments submitted to Blackboard after midnight Monday, March 12 will be considered late and will be automatically lowered by one full grade. Late assignments will only be accepted up to 48 hours from the start of class on the due date.

I will be looking for your best work and I expect your story to be of final draft quality.

This is a feature story that is at least 600 words in length. It should fall under the broad topic of a lifestyles feature, specifically in any of the categories listed on the  syllabus. To earn a C, you must interview a minimum of two expert sources with credentials who are professionals. Do not interview friends or family.

Story has nut graf     10

Feature story has narrow, focused angle       5

Story has action           5

Story uses anecdotes               15

Includes two expert sources with credentials           10

Additional expert sources receive a bonus               15

Correct word count at 600 words with word count stated at top left above byline 2.5

Byline bold and centered above story  2.5

All writing is in complete sentences. Do not include sentence fragments.   5

Includes at least three direct quotes that are strong, relevant, appropriately placed, correctly formatted.       10

There are attributions throughout.     2.5

Story flows smoothly with logical order of ideas     2.5

strong transitions from paragraph to paragraph       2.5

a strong closing (kicker)      2.5

No errors in fact, grammar or AP Style 10


Like this:



Name ___________________________Date__________Block____________

Feature Story #2 / Club profile / Assignment and Rubric



 You are writing your second feature story for King George High School’s student newspaper, the

 Fox Times.

 You are writing a feature that profiles a club at King George High School. You must get the organization/your topic approved by Miss Kelly. Journalism I students -- Your article must be at least 400 words and no more than 1000 words. Journalism II students -- Your article must be at least 500 words and no more than 1000 words.

Checklist for success:

 ____ Your story is related to a KGHS club.  ____ Did your opening catch the reader’s attention?  ____ Don’t use your opinion! No “I think that” or “It is my opinion that,” for example.  ____ Avoid using passive voice. Think active: “I threw the ball.” Not “The ball was thrown.”  ____ Only use “I” if you actually attended a meeting of the club. If not, keep it in third person PoV.  ____ Did you use description to paint a picture of the club?  ____ Did you report on what the club does and their upcoming meetings/events? Your article should be informative, as well as interesting/entertaining.  ____ Correctly use AP style. For example: “11 percent” and “11 a.m.”

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