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What Is The Most Important Day In Your Life Essay

This is the first day of the rest of your life.
—Matt Maher

Every day, I wake up and ask myself a question: “What’s the most important message I could share today?”

It’s a simple, slightly dramatic exercise that reminds me of all the noise and clutter in our world. Will I add to it or cut through with something substantial?

This keeps me on my toes. Makes me check myself.

I believe we all need to be asking these types of questions more often.

Relearning something old

A few years ago, I started a new blog. I had been publishing online for five years prior, but this time something was different. In starting over, I re-learned everything I thought I knew about blogging.

Turns out, you can always learn something new — even about something old.

As a result, I became much better at my craft. All because of starting over.

Every day, we go back to zero. And that’s not such a bad thing. There is something beautiful (and hard) about starting over. It requires courage and perseverance, but it can also be freeing.

Realizing you have to do this every day makes you aware of the distractions. It keeps you sharp. Prevents you from becoming lazy.

Making your message matter

Once on this blog, I wrote a post about The Hunger Games being the future of writing, which stirred quite a bit of conversation and controversy (read it here).

I made a prediction about the future, which may or may not come true, but my point was this: The world is changing, and those who learn to adapt will succeed.

With dwindling attention spans, it’s becoming more difficult to maintain an audience. Those who are sensitive to this will have a better chance at being heard. As Seth Godin explained: “Shorter… doesn’t mean less responsibility, less insight or less power. It means less fluff and less hiding.”

This isn’t about keeping things short. It’s about making your message matter in a world that doesn’t know it needs you.

A chance and a choice

Every day, you have the chance to say something. I’m not going to tell you it has to be brief, but it does have to be important. And you don’t get to decide that. Your audience does.

What is up to you is the choice to be remarkable. As is the decision to be mediocre.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. So is tomorrow. And the next day.

I wonder what you’ll do with it.

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Every day, we go back to zero. And that’s not such a bad thing.

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The Most Important Day of My Life

The most important day of my life had just happened recently. It all
started out when some friends and I were bored. We wanted to do something
that was fun and cool which also happened to be very bad. We decided we
were going to make a big firecracker.
The first thing we did was to go to a hardware store. We went there and
looked around for a long time, till we decided what we wanted to use in the
firecracker. I watched a TV show the night before about bombs on PBS
(Public Broadcast System). So when I told my friends what I watched we
decided to make a pipe-bomb. We bought the pipe and went back to my house.

Once we got back to my house we started assembling the bomb. I remember
watching how to make it off PBS. So we first drilled a hole on one end of
the cap so that the fuse could fit through it. Then we began to fill the
pipe with black powder. Once it got half full we stuck the fuse in, and
began to fill it up with more black powder. Once it was almost full we
stopped, and we filled the rest up with hot glue. We did not know if the
glue would ignite it or not so we tested it out on a small sample of black
powder. The glue did not ignite the black powder, so we filled up the pipe
with hot glue. We then screwed the steal cap back on the pipe with the
fuse sticking out. We were done with making the bomb.
Last we decided what did we want to do with it now that it was done. All
of us were in a destructive mood at the time. So we ended up going out in
the middle of the woods where no one lived for 10 miles. We found these
bed mattresses that someone threw away. So we stuck the bomb in between
there and lit it and took off in a car. We were about 1 mile away, and we
stopped got out of the car. All of us were sitting there wondering if it
would go off or not. It was about 2 minutes and nothing happened. Then
out of no where when we thought it messed something up it exploded. You
saw the huge explosion first then heard it. We all were amazed on how big
of a smoke cloud it made and how loud it was. Everyone was scared, and we
decided to leave in case someone saw it. Later on that day about 3 hours
later we went back to see what the explosion did to the mattresses. It put
a hole through both of the mattresses and a 3 foot crater in the ground.
Everyone was laughing and looking at each other saying "That was cool."
Nobody ever was caught for that or got in any trouble.
In conclusion that was the most important day of my life because, it was
the most fun I ever had in my life. It also showed me what you can do if
you put your mind to it. This story is 100% fictional because I could not
think of my most important day.


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